Do you want to be your own boss ? 

Start Me Up will assist you in the preparation, launch, and development of your future business.


One big idea, and many upcoming decisions. 

Start Me Up helps you to test your idea out and evaluate your probability of success. [...]


Ready for take-off.

Market study, business plan, financing, legal structures, and many other procedures. Start Me Up gathers the necessary ingredients to be successful in this launch phase. [...]


You are busy all the time and things might be getting over your head. 

Start Me Up is here to help you optimize your business operations and prepare your business growth over the years. [...]

Start Me Up

Your one-stop shop to launch your business!

Start Me Up offers a one-of-a-kind service to potential entrepreneurs: one focal point to prepare, launch, and develop your business project. Providing strategic counsel and operational guidance, Start Me Up will guide you throughout your business lifecycle.  

Our services entail:

1. Assessment. Start your project and evaluate its success potential.
2. Launch. Organize your legal structure and your first business operations.. 
3. Growth. Optimize and simplify your daily operations and prepare your business growth.

A key in your future business consists of aligning market needs with the solutions you have identified for your business. 

Following a systematic approach, testing your idea in a market-driven context, and asking the right questions at the right time are three enabling factors Start Me Up will evaluate to  increase your probability of success. 

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