It’s time for change, and you have an idea for it. You would like to know if your idea makes “business” sense before launching it. 

Start Me Up will help you develop your concept and determine its success probability. Together, we will explore different options and identify risks so you can make your decisions with the best tools and knowledge available. 

Start Me Up carries this work in three steps:

 7 conseils pour vous aider dans la mise en route de votre projet d'entreprise.

1. Find the right “fit” for your project

  • Understand the limitations and risks from your business idea
  • Organize your follow-up steps and information research
  • Minimize risk and make important decisions

2. Choose your entreprenurial activity

  • Find ideas in domains of interest 
  • Identify key points in your entreprenurial concept 
  • Choose among several options

3. Evaluate your project’s potential

  • Test how well your project would do vis-à-vis the market context 
  • Evaluate your project’s success probability
  • Determine whether taking over an existing company is pertinent or not

Did you know?

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting yet risky adventure. According to OFS findings1, 50% of new businesses in Switzerland fail in the first five years. 

Certain causes are due to incontrollable factors, including: Taux de survie des entreprises en Suisse (OFS, 2003-2007)

    • Strong Swiss Franc and other economic conditions
    • Crisis within a specific business/industry sector or technological leap
    • Regulatory changes
    • Unfavorable weather conditions or natural disaster


However, others are strongly related to the entrepreneur’s own decisions: 

    • Inadequate assessment of the business idea’s potential
    • Lack of cash flow
    • Bad strategic choices or lack thereof
    • Insufficient planning on new or emerging client needs


Therefore, a structural analysis of your business concept is crucial to minimize risks. With Start Me Up, you will put all chances on your side as an expert will guide you through these critical steps. 

Next step: contact Start Me Up to evaluate your business idea and its chances of success. The first session is completely free of change and does not set forth contractual obligations.  


1 Source: Office fédéral de la statistique, Taux de survie des nouvelles entreprises