You want to analyze the market and determine your business services or concept, determine the initial investment required, find sustainable funding, and start operations. 

As an essential partner to launching your business idea, Start Me Up will guide you through all the necessary procedures, filings, and other related activities to prepare and launch your entrepreneurial project:

 Création. Créez votre structure juridique et démarrer vos opérations.

1. Polish your concept

  • Understand your client needs and expectations 
  • Analyze your competition 
  • Monitor and track current trends 
  • Define your business service/product and your positioning 
  • Evaluate your financial, logistical, legal, and staffing needs

2. Prepare your launch

  • Choose and create your legal structure 
  • Establish a communication strategy
  • Find your first clients

3. Get started on first operational steps

  • Carry administrative procedures (social charges, VAT, among others) 
  • Set up daily operations 
  • Establish a management system

Don’t forget this word: "liquidity"

A very common cause of failure is the lack of liquidity to carry on short-term activities—even if the business activity is profitable. There is a gap between the moment one must pay his providers and when clients pay for one’s business services. The « working capital » is the financial impact of this difference. 

Next step: contact Start Me Up to evaluate the needs of your future business. The first session is completely free of change and does not set forth contractual obligations.